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Status Analyses

Qualitative building inspection

Every building and every system undergo changes over time. These can be modifications and subsequent adjustments, as well as changes due to wear and tear, ageing or material fatigue and other factors. A status analysis of the technical building equipment deals with these factors.

What is a status analysis and when is it carried out?

The status analysis deals with the current condition of the systems and installations of a building, which are used for

  • Heating
  • Supply and distribution of electrical energy
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation and aeration
  • Water and sewage systems
  • Safety and fire protection
  • Provision and transmission of data

and a wide range of other purposes.

The status analysis does not have anything to do with the technical inspections of various facilities that are prescribed at regular intervals. Rather, such analyses are carried out in connection with profitability calculations. They are carried out in preparation of measures for renovation, extension or conversions.

What purposes serve status analyses?

Status analyses are intended to show the current condition of the system to be examined, what weak points there are and whether there are still capacity reserves or whether the current state of the art is represented. Status analyses help the owner or operator of the building to make decisions on expected investments. In terms of content, they provide the basis for the creation of a concept plan, which is necessary, for example, for property extensions, conversion measures or optimization measures.

They inform the owner or operator of the building about the scope of the work required in the upcoming project and give recommendations as to whether it is more cost-effective to renew a system or rather to replace it completely with a new one.

How often should status analyses be carried out?

Comprehensive status analyses include site visits. Measurements of specified values, logging of data and an evaluation of the results. Our engineering office offers such status analyses as part of our range of services. Clients should not only make use of them in good time before planned renovations or conversions, but should also have such investigations carried out at regular intervals.

The condition of technical building equipment does not remain constant, but is subject to changes over time due to ageing, corrosion and wear, which often go unnoticed because they occur gradually. Status analyses reveal weak points and problems in the systems and equipment and inform in advance when it is time for renovation or renewal. The technical rules and standards, especially against the background of further adaptation to EU standards, are currently undergoing a high degree of change, which ultimately entails a more extensive inspection of the technical systems.


A status analysis is comparatively inexpensive and does not require any intervention in the ongoing operation of the company or even interruptions in production. However, it can bring great benefits and does not only save costs, but also makes refurbishments, conversions or extensions more targeted and effective. A small effort brings a large benefit. It is therefore worthwhile in most cases to request a status analysis.

Would you like to have the condition of your building analysed? Our experienced team of engineers would be delighted to do this for you. Just ask us!