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Electrical Engineering

TGA planning of electrical systems

For each new construction, conversion and extension of buildings, line and supply networks with different tasks are planned, calculated and documented within the scope of the technical building equipment. Electrical engineering has many interfaces with other areas of the TGA.

The demands on data transmission technologies have increased considerably in recent years. In order to ensure a permanently functioning infrastructure, it is necessary to select the right components in compliance with various regulations.

Line networks and power supply

The line network of a building starts at the meter distribution in the house connection room. The main building distribution board or low-voltage switchgear is usually also located in its vicinity. This is the central point of the electrical power supply. The necessary power is transmitted at this point to the respective distribution boards and consumers.

Safety engineering is also part of the planning for such systems. In this case, personal protection (protection against electric shock) and system protection must be ensured by RCDs (so-called FI switches), miniature circuit breakers and fuses.

In addition to the power supply and data transfer, earthing and lightning protection must also be taken into account. These include, for example, surge protection devices and equipotential bonding.

Emergency power and UPS systems can be installed so that important power consumers can continue to perform their services even if the building’s power supply is disrupted or interrupted. This must be taken into account, for example, in the area of hospitals and computer data centres.

To avoid danger, the planning of cable bulkheads as smoke protection should also be mentioned.

When dimensioning cable and line systems, their current carrying capacity is also planned. Here, according to the current rules of technology, sufficient dimensioning must be carried out, which must be proven by means of calculations. This has to be taken into account because the thermal losses can be a danger to the power supply.

Alarm systems

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An important field of activity is the protection of persons and property. According to the fire protection concept and building regulations, fire alarm systems must be professionally planned and installed.

A burglary means financial and economic damage for every company, which can be effectively averted by using an intelligent, multi-stage burglar alarm system (EMA).


An alarm system (GMA) according to DIN VDE 0833 protects against robbery and fire and signals the alarm. This function requires the monitoring of the transmission paths and the detection of faults and sabotage. A failure must also be avoided.

Building automation

Nowadays, modern building planning also includes the combination of various components for heating, ventilation, pumps, light and sun protection. Various bus systems, such as KNX and LCN, control the climate and lighting in a building fully automatically via sensors and systems.

Professional installations of building automation systems ensure the operation of buildings and the satisfaction of residents or employees.


Installation equipment and devices for devices and lighting

Electrical consumers can be connected and operated via so-called installation devices. Sockets, switches, presence detectors, push-buttons and lighting systems enable safe and at the same time comfortable operation.

In office buildings, there are various legal regulations as well as standards and guidelines in the field of lighting technology which must be complied with. For example, lighting systems in desk areas or corridors must achieve prescribed values.

Access Control

In more complex company buildings, door intercoms and intercom systems are often required. In combination with door opening systems, access control can be realized in different security levels. In everyday working life, safety technology must always be weighed against practical convenience. Biometric security checks with fingerprint or retina scanners or electronic transponders are preferred to devices for PIN entry.

Antenna Systems

Transport companies, hospitals, police operation centres, rescue and fire brigade operation centres require high-performance radio antenna systems. Individual solutions are also required in the field of satellite technology and wireless LAN data transmission.

EDP and Telephone Systems

Almost no company can exist without telecommunications. The planning and implementation of a data network is one of the basic tasks in technical building equipment. This includes wiring systems using copper cable in various shielding and the latest fibre optic technology. In today’s modern telecommunications, communications and data technology, all current communication and transmission paths must be covered. The same applies to the connection of large server rooms and data centres. This area is also called multimedia technology.

Individual installation Systems

When planning the building equipment, the selection of a suitable installation system is an important point. In addition to the flush-mounted variant, surface-mounted installation techniques such as pipes, cable ducts and clamps are also possible. Here, hazard and safety aspects must also be taken into account.

Energy Turnaround

In the context of the energy turnaround, the field of e-mobility, e.g. in building planning, is increasingly coming into focus. For example, the provision of electric car charging points in the planning of multi-storey car parks is being demanded by more and more building owners.

I-TEG supports you with many tasks

Our TGA planning office covers all areas of electrical engineering. Transformer stations, power supply systems and emergency power systems in the medium and low voltage range are just as much a part of our service portfolio as EDP networks and media technology, antenna and lightning protection systems, lighting technology, security systems and much more.

Electrical engineering is a very large and complex field in which our engineers and specialists are well versed. Just give us a call. You can count on our support.