Despite coronavirus pandemic – we are there for you!

Client Information about Covid-19 Crisis

We are there for you despite coronavirus pandemic!


Dear clients,

We would like to inform you how “I-TEG Ingenieurgesellschaft für Technische Gebäudeplanung mbH” is reacting to the coronavirus pandemic.

As a modern TGA planning office, we are technically, organisationally and economically able to carry out all orders on time and in the usual quality despite the international crisis situation. The protection of our employees and customers and their families is our top priority.

Below you will find information about our office structure, our services and the availability of our employees. Please feel free to send us an e-mail if any questions arise.

Shifting work to the home office

Already with the increase of Covid-19 cases in Southern Europe we realized that this is a serious situation. We quickly found solutions to enable our employees to work from their home offices. In addition, we have recently invested in IT network technology, security solutions and mobile IT devices. At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, we contacted the software developers to find out how we could continue to work optimally with the planning software Plancal nova, for example.

Thanks to the high bandwidth of our contracted fibre-optic connections, I-TEG has high capacities to handle the data traffic of our engineers and CAD designers, also in external access.

Currently, the majority of the employees of our three branches work without restrictions in their home offices, in accordance with the requirements of the German government.

This reduces the risk of infection on the way to work, in public transport and among colleagues to a minimum. Only the managers of the branches secure the office location on site. They communicate with the planning teams via Skype and thus ensure that the planning process runs almost smoothly.

According to individual needs, our employees are digitally connected to our offices via various technologies. This means that we have – and we ask for your understanding for this – also addressed the natural protection needs of our employees in order to provide them and their families with maximum protection.

Our offices remain occupied

In order to ensure personal presence in the premises of our offices, we created hygienic conditions and working hours in a time-shifted cohort system.

The offices in Schwerin, Berlin and Rostock are currently occupied by at least one person. As a rule, the office management or an employee authorized with management tasks is in the office. Thus, printers and fax services can be provided, as well as mail and office work can be done on site.

It is now possible to change to flexible working hours. A close exchange between colleagues is possible. Business meetings are held via videoconferencing and the project work enables new possibilities due to a high degree of commitment of our colleagues.

In addition to e-mail, fax and telephone, there is now also the possibility of conducting conversations via webcams.

Availability by phone from Monday to Friday, 09:00 am – 03:00 pm:

  • Schwerin Office: + 49 385 – 558 781 8
  • Berlin Office: + 49 30 – 555 701 510
  • Rostock Office: + 49 381 – 444 369 40
Coronavirus Krankenhausplanung & Umbau

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Safety first… as well as in data exchange

We forego cloud solutions. Even though it seems obvious to move data to the cloud, we have decided against it for security reasons.

As a planning office, we are obliged to secure your data over a very long period of time. Out of this given responsibility, we would like plans, concepts and files to experience maximum data protection in the future as well. The data remain on our premises according to strict security and data protection regulations, on our own servers.

Data exchange is guaranteed via secure data encryption and access restrictions via Virtual Private Network, abbreviated VPN.

Planning service for corona clinics

Now that all the essential working conditions for a smooth planning process have been created, we are all the more pleased that our clients can rely on the experience and capabilities of I-TEG engineers, even in times of special social and personal challenges.

We are currently working with team planners, such as architects and medical technology planners, to develop tailor-made solutions for converting hospital areas into corona stations at short time. In addition to the work task in general, we also consider these services as a service to our society, which we will be happy to perform.


Dear clients and colleagues, we are in a time that will put our society to the hardest test. Only together will we be able to work on topics that we did not even think we would be able to deal with a few months ago. But I am sure that with the gift we have been given to make rational and objective decisions, we will be able to overcome this crisis.

We wish our business partners health and confidence to master the tasks that lie ahead of us together and without harm to the individual.


Kind regards

André Hundt